V2: Relentless Grace – Lesson 13b

by Brad Ormonde, Jr. on Mar 27, 2019


Sermon Notes

In a message given at Harvest Christian Fellowship, titled Relentless Grace, Pastor and teacher Brad Ormonde Jr. preaches to us out of Acts 3. Don’t settle for temporary when God offers eternal. This word “refreshing” literally means, “breathing space”. As much as we tirelessly pursue refreshment in life by other means, this verse tells us that lasting refreshment can only come from the Lord. Maybe you feel that God just doesn’t understand what you’re dealing with or going through. Jesus taught His disciples to pray, every day “Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.” Daily we need to remind ourselves and daily we need to confess to God that sin saturates our hearts. But forgiveness wipes it clean. When we admit to our sins and admit to wanting to change in life, God is restoring your heart to its original state.


Don’t settle for temporary when God offers eternal. Repentance is not something we do to START the Christian life; it’s something we do to MAINTAIN our Christian life. There may be some sins that a man cannot forget, but there is no sin which Christ cannot forgive. Jesus took your sins to the grave, and when He rose from the dead, He left them there.

Repentance is a literal change in direction

  • Repentance means, “to change one’s mind or purpose.”
  • The Head: Changing our opinion about something, acknowledging that God’s truth is right
  • The Heart: Changing our feelings about that sin, sensing a pain and sorrow over that sin
  • The Hands: Changing our behavior

Repentance Affects:

  • The Head (Our thoughts)
  • The Heart (Our emotions)
  • The Hands (Our behavior)

Three Blessings that Follow Repentance:

  • Sins Will Die
  • Rest Will Come
  • Christ Will Win


“The Christian who has stopped repenting has stopped growing.” —A.W. Pink

“For I have given rest to the weary and joy to the sorrowing.”


  • Acts 3
  • Matthew 11:28–30
  • Jeremiah 31:25

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