The Case for Heaven

by Lee Strobel on Dec 24, 2021

Today, on Harvest At Home, we have a guest speaker and bestselling author Lee Strobel joining us with an important message titled “The Case for Heaven.”

Sermon Notes

As we come away from a season of festivity and near the end of 2021, it’s so crucial to reflect on the most important things—the big things. That’s why we’ve invited our friend, bestselling author, and speaker Lee Strobel, to give a message on one of those big topics: the afterlife.


  • Are we merely a physical body or do we possess an immaterial soul that could survive our physical demise?
  • No discoveries of modern neuroscience have disproven the existence of the soul
  • Our soul, or spirit, is the center of our introspection
  • The physcial brain alone is not enough to explain our mind (conciousness)


  • Is there good evidence that our conciousness lives on beyond our physical demise?
  • There are many cases where there is powerful coroboration that soul does survive after clinical death
  • Near death experiences have been a hot topic of study in many medical magazines
  • “Even though they vary a fair amount, these accounts have a common core and, incredibly, it’s entirely consistent with what we’re told about the afterlife in the Bible.” – Pastor John Burke


  • Jesus died on the cross and rose for our sins
  • His testimony is definitive


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