Spicy Truths for a Bland Culture with Jonathan Laurie

by Jonathan Laurie on Nov 20, 2022

Today, on Harvest At Home, Pastor Jonathan will continue our Walk this Way series in the Book of James with a message titled “Spicy Truths for a Bland Culture”

Sermon Notes

In today’s message on Harvest at Home, Pastor Jonathan Laurie will continue our series Walk this Way through the Book of James with a message titled “Spicy Truths for a Bland Culture”


  • James is stating that merely saying you have faith does not mean you have it.
  • The sin of commission and the sin of omission
  • A dead faith is a faith that brings no change, no fruit, no evidence of the Holy Spirit working inside.
  • We are saved by grace through faith, not works. But saving faith will have works.
  • James directs us to what we could refer to as the faith of demons
    The demons believe, and tremble.
  • Dynamic, saving faith, to start with is based on the Word of God.


  • James 2: 14-17
  • James 2: 18-20
  • James 4: 17
  • Ephesians 2: 8-10
  • Revelation 12: 12
  • Romans 10: 17

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