How to Reach Our Culture

by Greg Laurie on Mar 21, 2019

In a message given at Harvest Christian Fellowship titled, “How to Reach Our Culture,” Pastor Greg Laurie teaches from Jonah 3. He shares how the ultimate story of Jonah is of the Greatness of a God, and how he showed great love for the lost and unsaved. This story teaches us how God can and will use the most unlikely of people to spark the fire of revival.

Preach to the World

  • To reach our culture, we must preach the gospel. God’s primary way of reaching a lost world is through the preaching of the gospel. (2 Timothy 4:2, Romans 10:14).
  • We are to preach the message that He has given (Jonah 3:2). Nothing gets to someone else until it has gone through you first! (Romans 1:16) There is explosive power in the essential message of the gospel.
  • Jesus Himself was a preacher of the Word (Matthew 4:17)
  • Jesus sent His disciples out to preach as well. (Matthew 10:7, Psalm 19:1)

What is a Prophet?

  • Someone who speaks for God.
  • God’s representative or prophet is usually an ordinary person.
  • God’s prophet will be an obedient person.
  • God’s prophet or representative is speaking for someone else.
  • The true prophet recognizes that results are up to Him, not us. God does not require success, but faithfulness from us.

Additional Scriptures:

  • Jonah 3:2–4
  • Jonah 2:10–3:2
  • Jonah 3:1–2

Watch the full series here!

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