No One Is Beyond the Reach of God

by Greg Laurie on Nov 14, 2021

Pastor Greg Laurie shares a message from Acts 8 and 9 titled “No One is Beyond the Reach of God” at our Sunday Morning Service for Harvest At Home.

Sermon Notes

Have you ever thought about someone who would never listen to, much less, respond to the gospel? In today’s message Pastor Greg Laurie explains why should never think that way and instead have faith because no one is beyond the reach of God. 


  • God gives us absolutes for our own protection.
  • God promises that His word will never return void. (Isaiah 55:11)
  • Religion can turn people from God. Our faith is not religion, but a relationship with Him. 
  • Jesus is the only Way to God because the Bible says so!
  • Only Jesus was qualified to bridge the gap between a Holy God and sinful man.
  • We are not people of “a way” or even “a better way,” but “the only way.”
  • Saul not only heard Jesus; Saul also saw Jesus!
  • What were the goads Saul was kicking against?

1.) The arguments, life, and death of Stephen.

2.) The spread of the gospel and the response of the believers.

  • The Gospel is: “The power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes”
  • True repentance results in a changed life.
  • Two men placed side by side in Scripture: Simon and Saul.
  • Simon wanted power and fame.
  • Saul had power, fame, and influence and fought with Jesus, but ultimately Saul believed.


  • Acts 8: 1-4
  • Eph 4:31-32 
  • Acts 9:1-7
  • Acts 26:11
  • Acts 4:12
  • Acts 9:27
  • James 2:19-20
  • John 2:23-24
  • Acts 8:24 
  • 2 Cor 7:10 
  • Acts 8:9-13

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