How to Get Out of Your Own Way with Jonathan Laurie

by Jonathan Laurie on Jan 22, 2023

Today Pastor Jonathan Laurie shares with us a new sermon called “How to Get Out of Your Own Way” to continue our series called “Walk this Way” from our Sunday Morning Service for Harvest At Home.

Sermon Notes

James 4 teaches us that if you humble and submit yourself to God, you will be exalted. When you sow to the spirit you reap spiritual fruit. There are many distractions in this world, it is important to remain focused on Christ.


  • God does not want a part of your life, He wants all of you.
  • Humble Yourself
    • In God’s eyes, the one who lowers himself is the one who is elevated, the
      one who genuinely considers themselves to be the least is the one God
      considers to be the greatest
    • Lower yourself and God will be the one to raise you up
  • Submit Yourself
    • Submission.
      These are not popular words in our vocabulary today.
    • To submit to God you must first be familiar with the will of God, which is the
      Word of God.
  • The Results
    • “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee
      from you. Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.” James 4: 7-8
    • Grace.
      Nearness to God.
      Being exalted.


    • James 4
    • Romans 7:15
    • Psalm 16:11
    • Matthew 18:4
    • Matthew 23:11–12
    • Jeremiah 17:9

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