Home for Christmas

by Greg Laurie on Dec 8, 2019

In this webcast, Pastor Greg Laurie shares a message from John 14 titled “Home for Christmas” in our Sunday Morning series at Harvest Christian Fellowship.

Sermon Notes

Deep down inside, we all long for home. When Jesus walked this earth, He had no home. In Heaven, Jesus had the greatest of all homes. Did you know that Jesus said, “In My Father’s house are many rooms.” Deep down inside, we all long for home in Heaven, and Jesus was born so we could be born again.


Many times in Scripture, the word home and church are linked together. The family of God can be closer than your blood family. We want Harvest to be a loving place for hurting people. We want Harvest to be a light in our community. Do you want to join?  “For as many as received Him, He gave the right to be children of God.”

  • Jesus left His home in Heaven so you could have a home in Heaven.
  • Jesus left His home in Heaven to make a home in your heart.
  • When Jesus is at home in your heart, you will be at home in the church.


  • John 14
  • John 14:2
  • Job 23:12
  • 1 Peter 2:2
  • Matthew 18:19





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