The Great Pretender

by Jeff Lasseigne on Jun 12, 2019

In this webcast, Pastor Jeff Lasseigne shares a message from II Thessalonians 2 titled “The Great Pretender” in our Wednesday evening series at Harvest Christian Fellowship.

Sermon Notes

Did you know that in II Thessalonians Paul addresses the great tribulation? In this book, Paul addresses the issue of counterfeit teachings. The believers of that age were confused as the new teaches they were hearing was different from what his readers had heard from Paul.


In The Great Pretender, Paul’s readers had been lead to believe they had missed the rapture of the Church and were in fact living in the great tribulation! How horrible would be? Paul tells those who he is addressing to not be shaken.

  • Correct doctrine brings comfort and confidence
  • Incorrect doctrine Chas and confusion
  • Don’t be shaken or distressed
  • Beware of “fake news” doctrine


II Thessalonians 2

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