God’s Priorities Today

by J. John on Oct 17, 2019


In this webcast, Pastor J. John shares a message on the Lords Prayer titled “What are God’s Priorities Today” at the Sunday Morning” series at Harvest Christian Fellowship.

Sermon Notes

Did you know that when we pray coincidences happen, and when we don’t pray they don’t happen! The Bible and Jesus speak about awards and rewards, but says we should not announce them, but do them in secret. The Lord’s prayer is only 70 words, pryer is not twisting the hand of God, but HOLDING the hand of God.


Did you know that God has the following three attributes?

  • Insight
  • Foresight
  • Oversight

How do we as Christians get these attributes? Well, we cant only God has them! However, we can approach God and the closer we get to him the more we will develop these attributes


  • Matthew 6

Did you pray with Pastor Greg?

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