God’s Call. . . Man’s Excuses

by Greg Laurie on Oct 9, 2019

In this webcast, Pastor Greg Laurie shares a message from Exodus 3 titled “God’s Call . . . Man’s Excuses” in our “Sunday Morning” series at Harvest Christian Fellowship.

Sermon Notes

In this study in Exodus 3 we ask are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and let God use you? All of us are called to glorify God with our lives and to get the gospel out. A mark of spiritual immaturity is when you’re irregular in church and when you do show up, it’s all about you. Everyone has a “pulpit” to speak from. An excuse is, “The skin of a reason stuffed with a lie. “The Bible says if we try to hide our sins we will not prosper. God is good at cleaning up our messes. The Lord can turn your mess into a message and your test into a testimony.


If you feel like it’s been a long time since you’ve heard God, make sure there is no unconfessed sin in your life. What may seem like a coincidence is actually providence. What we may perceive as an interruption may be intervention. Disappointment is sometimes His appointment! God has a plan for you at every stage of your life. God has seen your oppression, heard your cry, and knows your sorrow. God does not simply see us for what we are, but also for what we can become. God chooses unlikely people so that He can get the glory.

  • I am not deserving to be used by God.
  • God chooses unlikely people so that He can get the glory.
  • I don’t have all the answers.
  • Let people know that there is a God who loves them and can meet the deepest needs of their lives.
  • We need to believe God’s Word is alive and powerful.
  • God gives second chances!


  • Exodus 3
  • Romans 12:4–6
  • Ezekiel 22:30
  • Proverbs 28:13
  • Exodus 3:1–5
  • Exodus 3:6
  • Exodus 3:7
  • Exodus 3:11
  • 1 Corinthians 1:27
  • Exodus 4:1–5

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