Girl Talk Episode 4

by Cathe Laurie on Apr 30, 2020

In this webcast, Cathe Laurie sits down with a few friends to discuss biblical truth in the ” “Girl Talk” series at Harvest Christian Fellowship.

Sermon Notes

We are in communication with the God of the universe! We don’t know what is coming next, and we need to make our time meaningful so that when we look back at this time and realize that we leveraged it for the good!


We often feel like we can control our lives, our lives are orderly and we make the choices that set our lives upon a path, that feels like our choosing.  However, we must remember that we DON’T have control over our lives, are we ever really ever in control? We must remember that God is at the control center of the universe.

  • God is wiser than us
  • Praying back the attributes of God!
  • Allow him to work in your life


  • Ecclesiastes 11:5

Did you pray with Pastor Greg?

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