Exit Stage Left

by Greg Laurie on May 22, 2022

Today, on Harvest at Home, Pastor Greg Laurie shares a message titled “Exit Stage Left” at our Sunday Morning Service for Harvest at Home. 

Sermon Notes

Have you ever wondered why God allows Christians to go through trials and testing? Things are going along wonderfully then suddenly, without warning (or so it would seem), one problem after another comes tumbling into our lives. 


  • God told Elijah to “hide himself.”
  • We learn things in deserts we do not learn anywhere else.
  • Better to be in a valley or a desert with Jesus
    than anywhere else without Him.
  • There has to be a cross before there can be a crown.
  • God allows trials in our lives so we will grow up spiritually.
  • God allows hardships to show us His power.
  • Trials and testing produce a necessary quality in our lives.
  • You can never be too small for God to use, only too big.
  • An important lesson: “with God nothing is impossible.”
  • We need to trust God in everything.
  • God loves to take what we have and multiply it.
  • God says the same to each of us, “give Me your son, your daughter, your marriage. Give Me your problems, your fears, your anxiety”


  • 1 Kings 17
  • James 1:2-4
  • Philippians 4:19

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