Building Kingdom Disciples

by Dr. Tony Evans on Oct 10, 2021

In today’s webcast, Dr. Tony Evans shares a message from our Summer Reading series titled “Building Kingdom Disciples” for Harvest at Home.


In a football game, three groups of people enter the playing field: the home team, the visiting team, and the team of officials. The home and visiting have their own goals, resulting in a constant clashing between the players. The officials, however, are sent to the field to manage the mess in the middle of the conflict without becoming a part of it. Officials don’t pick sides, they make decisions based on their “rule book”, and they are always distinct from either of the teams. We are called to be like a team of officials in our world, but so many of God’s representatives are joining cultural or political teams. Many have lost the distinction they were created to provide. Today, we will learn what it means to be a true kingdom disciple.


Scripture Reading: Matthew 28:18

1.  GO

  • Publicly declare you’re a Christ follower and have others join you
  • You’re not just on Earth for your growth, you’re here for your influence
  • Evangelism is part of our mission of making disciples


  • Romans 6
  • To be baptized means to  be reclassified and identified in Christ
  • Believers should be so identified in Christ that everything else comes second
  • Everything else in our lives must be influenced by the fact that we are followers of Christ


  • Teach them to apply spiritual truth to life’s decision making (live it out)
  • Your decisions should reflect God’s word even when your feelings don’t agree
  • 2 John 2:23-25
  • Represent Heaven on Earth


  • Matthew 28:18-20
  • Romans 6
  • John 10
  • 2 John 2:23-25

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