Bring People to Jesus

by Greg Laurie on Apr 11, 2019


In this webcast, pastor and teacher Jason Powell shares a message from Mark 2 from our weekly Thursday series at Harvest Christian Fellowship titled, “Bringing People to Jesus”

Sermon Notes

Bringing people to Jesus is the most important part of being a Christian. Our world is a very cause orientated world, with dozens of “causes” popping up to try and help people in need. We want to see the cause play out live as it happens. God wants to work through us and use us to make an impact on the world at large. Jesus is the hope the world needs, and he is the only one who can provide the world with the saving grace it is looking for.


  • There is no lasting hope outside of Jesus.
  • Jesus has power over all things.
  • Jesus is the Savior that saves and the Healer that heals.
  • Everything that the world needs is found in Jesus.
  • His sins paralyzed him more than the inability to use his arms and legs.
  • Jesus healed his soul first because that was a worse condition than what was going on in his body.

Remember these three points

  • Urgent (The situation required intervention)
  • United (Stronger together)
  • Unstoppable (No was not an option)


Mark 2

Mark 2:1

Romans 3:10-12

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