A Twisted Family Tree

by Greg Laurie on Dec 18, 2022

Thanks for joining us for another Christmas message from  Pastor Greg Laurie called “A Twisted Family Tree” from our Sunday Morning Service for Harvest At Home.

Sermon Notes

Today we learn about Jesus’ family tree and how God used the broken and scared to fulfil his prophecy leading up to Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection. This Christmas season, be reminded that Jesus came to heal broken lives and restore shattered hopes.


  • God gives second chances!
  • Jesus’ story is not about God helping perfect people but saving lost people.
  • In this genealogy, which is really a key part of the Christmas story, we have God, in His mercy, doing for sinners what they can’t do for themselves. Reminding us that Jesus came to heal broken lives and restore shattered hopes.
    • David
    • Temar
    • Rahab
    • Ruth
    • Bathsheba
    • Mary
    • Joseph
  • The whole first chapter of Matthew speaks of the grace of God.
  • There will never be another Joseph and Mary. — Then again, there will never be another you!
  • God is preparing you for a purpose in this life, and He is preparing you for the afterlife.
  • Christmas is all about redemption—taking messed up families and making them right.


    • Mark 3:21
    • Matthew 1:1–7, 15–16
    • Matthew 1:1
    • Luke 1:32
    • Matthew 1:3
    • Luke 1:26–29
    • Luke 1:27
    • Ephesians 4:32
    • Hebrews 7:25

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