“No Other Gods”

by Greg Laurie on Feb 9, 2020

In this webcast, Pastor Greg Laurie shares a message from Exodus 20 titled “No Other Gods” in our Sunday Morning series at Harvest Christian Fellowship.

Sermon Notes

There are two ways we can live in life: the right way or the wrong way.

There are two foundations to build your life on the rock or the sinking sand. The prodigal found everything he was looking for in his father’s house. Did you know that blessed actually means, “happy.”If you want to be happy and holy, you must live wholly committed to Christ. The Ten Commandments are not bars of a cage to keep us in, as much as, they are barriers to keep evil out. The problem is no one can keep these commandments on their own.

The purpose of the Law (or the commandments) is to send us to Jesus.


Did you know that a person who really knows God, who’s experienced the new birth and is living in fellowship with Him, does not need an image to help him pray? We cannot create anything that will ever be a true representation of the Living God. If the image is false, the thought of God is false, and that produces character which is false. A man becomes like a thing he worships. The best thing you can do is get rid of your idols. What you are longing for deep down inside is a relationship with God. Medical science seeks to add years to your life. Jesus will add life to your years.

  • God has given us His commandments and standards to live by.
  • God has given us these commandments as absolutes.
  • Integrity is what you are in the dark when no one is watching.


  • Psalm 112:1
  • Psalm 1
  • Exodus 20
  • Exodus 32
  • Amos 5:23–24

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