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Tonight in Orange County

by Greg Laurie on Jan 7, 2010

I’ll be speaking tonight at our Thursday night study, which has been going on for more than eight months now. We have really seen the Lord bless this study, and best of all, we have seen more than 1,000 people make commitments to follow Jesus Christ.

Tonight, in addition to our outstanding praise band leading us in worship, Phil Wickham will join us to share some of his amazing songs. I will be sharing a message for the new year from God’s Word called “Good News in a Bad World.”

It all starts at 7:00 P.M. If you are in the Orange County area, be sure to join us. If you know someone who lives in Orange County, let them know!

Click here for all the information.

This Sunday at Harvest in Riverside

We will be back in our series, Essentials: What Every Christian Needs to Know, this Sunday at Harvest. I will share a message on the topic of salvation.

As Christians, we use the word “saved” a lot. But do we really know what salvation really is?

I think this message that I will share with you on Sunday may be a real ‘eye-opener’ for many. I know just preparing for it has been a great blessing.

I suggest that most believers do not realize just how awesome and vast salvation really is. It is something God has done, is doing, and will do in our future.

I’ll explain that all this Sunday at Harvest.

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