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Secrets of Spiritual Growth

by Greg Laurie on Sep 1, 2009

My granddaughter Stella loves secrets.

Sometimes I will say, “Hey Stella,want to hear a secret?” Her little face will light up and she will lean in as I whisper something in her ear.

It does not have to be a profound secret. Just something special.

One question that I hear from time to time is, “Are all the people who come forward at Harvest Crusades events really converted?”

The answer is, no. Only God knows who is and who is not converted or saved.

My job, if you will, is to proclaim the gospel accurately and lovingly, and then give people an opportunity to make a decision about Jesus Christ.

Conversion is the work of the Holy Spirit. But if a person really has met the Lord, they will go forward spiritually.

This week, I will begin a series of messages that will reveal, at least for some, the “secrets” of spiritual growth. I will give these messages at our Thursday night study in Orange County and at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside.

For more info on our Thursday night Bible study in Orange County, California, click here.

For more on our Sunday morning services at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, click here.

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