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Preach the Word begins today!

by Greg Laurie on Nov 17, 2008

The Preach the Word conference is finally here. I am really looking forward to meeting pastors, teachers, and those who just feel called to communicate God’s Word to this generation.

We are going to hear from some of the most effective preachers alive today (present company excluded, of course). I am personally looking forward to hearing what these men of God have to say.

I will be there with an open Bible and notepad–better yet, a computer screen, ’cause I can type faster than I can write now!

Remember us in prayer. We will try to post some special video and other features for all of you in the blogosphere.

Harvest Crusades 2008 Year in Review

Harvest: Greg Laurie // 2008 Year in Review from Harvest Online on Vimeo.

We had wonderful and very challenging Harvest Crusades this year for obvious reasons. Here is our Crusade recap video that highlights some of what the Lord did in Southern California, Philadelphia and New York City. It’s a little different then our normal recap video, so let me know what you think.


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