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Police Officers

by Greg Laurie on Dec 23, 2014


I think someone should establish a national Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Maybe they already have. I know I for one appreciate those officers who serve our communities, our nation, and us.

I am a chaplain for two police departments and I personally know a lot of cops. There are also many who attend the church I pastor. I have done too many memorial services for officers killed in the line of duty, and I can tell you that other officers, even if they did not know the person who died, take it very hard. They are a fraternity, a family.

These are people just like us, who have, in many ways, made a sacrifice to literally risk their lives each and every day for relatively little pay. I think this appreciation is overdue, especially in the light of the NYC police officers who were just murdered: Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. Something that has just come out is that Officer Ramos, who was a Christian, would have been commissioned as a lay chaplain this past Saturday—tragically, the day he was shot.

The Bible tells us that these courageous men and women who serve in law enforcement are doing God’s work: “The authorities are sent by God to help you. But if you are doing something wrong, of course you should be afraid, for you will be punished. The authorities are established by God for that very purpose, to punish those who do wrong” (Romans 13:4).

I know that those in law enforcement are not all perfect, and that there are some bad apples in the mix. But that is true of every profession—including ministry, I might add. But by and large, those that serve us in law enforcement are fine and upstanding people and they deserve our respect and admiration.

So if you see a cop today, let them know you appreciate them!

P.S. If you appreciate police officers, or are one, speak out right here.

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