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On Testing Positive for COVID-19

by Greg Laurie on Oct 7, 2020

As you’ve probably heard by now, I’ve tested positive for COVID-19. It started with aches, pains, and a fever—and sure enough my test came back positive for the virus.

In the video above, I detail a little of my symptoms and give an update as to how I’m feeling.

But here are a couple takeaways to consider about the coronavirus:

First, let’s not politicize this. It’s a very real virus, so let’s show compassion for those who have gone through it. If the President of the United States can get it, anyone can get it. See also the interview I gave on this issue.

Second, we should remember that God is in control of our lives. I don’t know why He allowed me to get it, but I got it. Ultimately, my times are in His hands, and I know He will remain faithful to me as He always has been.

Thanks for your concern and prayers for my rapid recovery. With God’s help, I’ll get through this and I’ll be back doing what I’m called to do.

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