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Lost Boys to the rescue!

by Greg Laurie on Dec 15, 2008

Yes, that is me on the blue Harley. It was cold!

Hey everyone! What a day Sunday was!

After preaching at our two first services (we rolled a video of my message for the third service), about 50 motorcycle riders from our church made the trek from Riverside to downtown L.A., followed by a van full of toys donated from our congregation to the Fred Jordan Mission.

Thousands of people waited in line patiently for toys.

I have to tell you . . . It was cold! Unseasonably cold for Southern California. It was 30 degrees when I arrived at church for the first service, and maybe low 50’s when we left. I know, you folks on the East Coast think we are wimps here in SoCal when it comes to the weather, and I guess we are.

Anyway, all was well until we got lost in L.A. on the way to the Fred Jordan Mission. We took a scenic tour, touring the back streets, trying to get our bearings.

So I pulled a bunch of us over and asked if anyone had GPS on his bike. One guy said he did,so I told him to “take the point” and lead us. Fortunately for us, he had a very large bright pink horse stuffed animal attached to the back of his bike (it was a toy delivery after all). So I told the guys, “Follow the pink horse!”

Off we went, and we arrived at the Fred Jordan Mission shortly after that.

Preaching to bikers

Preaching on Skid Row to the bikers.

The Fred Jordan Mission had thousands of bikers who had come with at least one gift to give to the children in need at Skid Row.

Since we were late, they dragged me right off my bike and onto the little platform to preach. There were a lot of bikers standing there listening, including at least one motorcycle gang wearing their colors.

When I began to speak, it was quite noisy with all the bikes starting up, but then it suddenly became quiet and I was able to preach the gospel for a few minutes. The way I see it is, a lot of these guys may never darken the doorway of a church. So the Church came to them.

It was a blast!

The Unit

I was able to to distribute some toys to the children, and I have to say,it was a real privilege. There were a few thousand of them gathered in lines waiting for their presents.

While there, I met Robert Patrick and Max Martini, two actors from the TV show The Unit, who were also there distributing gifts. Really nice guys, and I thought it was pretty amazing they were down there doing this.

Meeting the stars of the TV show The Unit. Robert Patrick is in the background, talking on the phone, and Max Martini is in the foreground.

All and all, it was a fun and productive day. But one takeaway truth is, never follow a guy on your Harley who wrote an autobiography called Lost Boy, or you too may end up in the back streets of L.A.!

Some of the gifts waiting for people to take them home.

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