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For Greg on His Birthday

by Greg Laurie on Dec 10, 2015

Written by Cathe Laurie


I saw you first.
It was in a coffee house on a weeknight.
I saw you sitting there, open Bible in hand.
I was way in the back, with my two sisters.
You say you saw me, but I know I saw you first.
Young. Cute. Funny. Preaching with so much…crazy passion.

I had school the next day, and as we made our way across the parking lot to the car, I thought, He’s really something special.
I never knew anyone quite like you before.
I’ve never known anyone like you.

I hardly knew, when we began this life together, where God would lead. I had no idea how strong and deep that love could grow.
The years have wizened and the sharp angles have softened.
Countless days of sunshine, wind, fire, rain, and earthquakes have drawn us together, marked our faces with laughter and tears, but they only made you stronger.
And you made me stronger watching you.

We’ve been together so long. We think alike.
I can almost read your mind. I know what you want without asking.
Sometimes I take you for granted.
But every now and then, on birthdays and anniversaries like today, I think about how lucky I am to live with the greatest man I have ever known.
You make me laugh. You intrigue and inspire me.

Today, I wish I had a gift equal to what you deserve.
But gifts break, wear out, end up in boxes, forgotten.
I hope that these words will last much much longer.
Happiest of birthdays, love of my life.
May our children and grandchildren know the current that runs deep in your heart; may they know the Source of that strength.

P.S. Somewhere in all this there will be a delicious chocolate cake waiting!


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