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by Greg Laurie on Mar 22, 2008

This is Easter weekend and, here in Southern California, we are having beautiful weather. It should be in the 80s, which is just perfect as we will have a lot of people seated outside in our overflow for our four Easter morning services at Harvest.

The title of my message this year is “A Heart That Burns For You!” It is based on the story of those two discouraged disciples from Luke 24 and what Jesus said that caused their “hearts to burn!”

That’s what we all need, a good case of spiritual heartburn! Having had a bad case of physical heartburn the other day (too many peppers with my tuna sandwich), I definitely prefer the spiritual kind.

Easter, of course, is the celebration of Jesus rising from the dead. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead changed everything. His followers went from being a group of ragtag fisherman, tax collectors, and zealots to being courageous preachers who literally turned their world upside down.

All of the apostles, with the exception of John, also died the death of a martyr. Surely, if the resurrection were not true, as some would claim, you would think that at least one of them would have broken ranks and said, “It was all a hoax. We made it up!”

But not one of them did, because they could not deny what had transformed their lives.

So wherever you are, make sure you go to church on Sunday and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. And try to take a “CEO” with you if you can. You know, CEO: one of those people who go to church on Christmas and Easter Only!

God bless you all.


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