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Changed Lives: The Message that Overcomes Barriers

by Harvest on Jun 2, 2021

Jesus has been called “The Great Communicator,” and this has never been more relevant than for Walter Griffen, a pastor in Missouri whose daughter, Rachael, has cerebral palsy, a group of disorders that affect a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture.

Rachael is now 37 years old, and as a result of her affliction, while being active, she doesn’t talk very much. She is a lovely woman who loves church and worship; however, whenever Pastor Griffen attempts to speak with her about her relationship with Jesus, she withdraws. Serious conversation is somewhat intimidating for her, and she chooses not to talk about it.

Some months ago, the Griffen family was on the way to lunch after church, and their radio was tuned to Bott Radio Network, broadcasting A New Beginning with Greg Laurie. They noticed that Rachael was listening to the entire message with a great deal of concentration.

As he always does at the end of each broadcast, Pastor Greg reaches out to those who are ready to commit to Jesus: “If anyone is listening to my voice and is ready to commit their life to Jesus, bow your head and repeat this prayer with me . . .” Pastor Griffen looked over at his daughter, who was purposefully bowing her head, obviously in prayer; overjoyed, he asked Rachael, “Did you bow your head and pray that prayer?” She answered: “Yeah.”

“Did you ask Jesus to come into your life?” Again, she replied: “Yeah.” The look on her face told of the whole story and how she felt. There was a palpable excitement in the air, and she couldn’t contain herself. The entire family felt the enthusiasm, and at Rachael’s request, Pastor Griffen called her sisters to share in the good news.

For Walter Griffen, a man of God, whose faith has, without a doubt, been tested many times while caring for his precious Rachael, the hope had remained the same: that Rachael would share in the eternal kingdom with our Father. Using the voice and the radio ministry of Pastor Greg, God found a way to reach Rachael and bring His message where it was needed the most.

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