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Are you going through a storm right now?

by Greg Laurie on Sep 6, 2010

Check out our radio show today.
It’s a message called “The Perfect Storm,” recorded live right on the sea of Galilee.

There is something about hearing the words of Jesus spoken from the place where they actually happened that really gets your attention. I remember how energized I was when I gave this message that beautiful morning in the Holy Land. There is also some outstanding production value in this show, which can be described as “theatre of the mind” that was done by our amazing producer, Dave Spiker.

I think today’s show could be very encouraging to anyone who is going through any kind of hardship or difficulty.

Finally, we are offering an amazing video teaching series that we just released. We call it Hope from the Holy Land and is full of video that we shot with HD cameras in Israel. Segments range from the video version of today’s radio message to an early morning walk through the streets of Jerusalem, as we retrace the steps of Jesus to the cross. One of the most exciting features is our message from the “Garden Tomb” in Israel, believed by many to be the actual spot where Jesus Christ rose from the dead. We were given exclusive access to the site before the normal crowds arrived and I was deeply moved as I preached there.

You can hear the radio program by going here.
You can access our Hope from the Holy Land offer by going here.

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