Why Do I Exist?

A recent poll found that many Americans think the main purpose of life is for enjoyment and personal fulfillment. The sad part is, half of the people polled identified themselves as born again Christians. So why are we here? Why Do I Exist? looks at the lives of two Babylonian kings—Belshazzar, who wasted his life and literally saw God’s handwriting on the wall, and Nebuchadnezzar who lost his sanity and then in humility turned to God. Take a brief look at their lives in this book and see that our one true purpose in life is to glorify God.

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World Changers - Book

World Changers - Book

The great men and women of Hebrews 11 were willing to take a risk for the kingdom of God. Are you? Learn to step out in faith with my new book, World Changers.

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