The Race of Your Life

by Greg Laurie on Oct 1, 2018
You ran well. Who hindered you from obeying the truth?

One of the unique qualities of retired sprinter Usain Bolt was that he not only ran so fast, but he started fast, stayed fast, and finished fast. He never slowed down. He effectively left his competitors in the dust.

Some people run the race of life like that. They’ll start out with a bang. They’ll run full speed. And they’ll end victoriously. There are others who start fast, but they’ll slow down. Sometimes they’ll even stumble and fall, but they get up at the end and make it across the finish line. Then there are some who start but never finish at all.

Who determines how you will run the race of life? You might be surprised by my answer: You do. God gives you everything you need. He gives you all of the power and all of the resources, but it is up to you to take hold of those resources. God doesn’t do the running for us. But we run the race for His glory.

It’s really up to you as to how you will run the race of life. You decide whether you’re going to be a world changer or whether the world is going to change you. World changers don’t march lockstep with current culture. World changers follow Christ and affect their surroundings more than their surroundings affect them. World changers are thermostats, not thermometers. They control the temperature. They set the pace. They think for themselves.

Show me someone who reads the Bible, does what God tells him or her to do, and follows Jesus, and I’ll show you a rebel in today’s culture. That is what a world changer is.

If you have fallen, if you have stumbled, get up and start running again. God gives second chances. You can still finish the race.

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