The Commitment of a Lifetime

by Greg Laurie on Oct 24, 2018
Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

You can take almost every social ill in our culture today and trace it back to a broken home. The other day I was reading a couple of articles about sex trafficking and how young girls get pulled into this lifestyle. Sometimes guys will follow them on social media and look for weaknesses in their lives. When a girl talks about being unhappy or lonely, he’ll start preying on her and make contact with her in some way, like instant messaging.

Then guys will take these young girls, many of whom are underage, get them drunk or high, and have sex with them. They take pictures of them and threaten to blackmail them with the photos unless the girls do what they tell them to. Suddenly the girls are caught inside a vortex and become victims of sex trafficking. In every instance where a girl fell prey to this lifestyle, she came from a broken home.

Sometimes a couple will ask, “Should we stay together for the sake of the kids?” Yes, that’s a good reason. The kids matter, because the decisions you make have ramifications for generations to come.

But I have another reason couples should stay together: because God said so. Of all the pictures that God could have chosen to show His love for the world, of all the pictures that God could have chosen to show how much His church loves Him, He chose marriage (see Ephesians 5:25).

In marriage you feel a lot of love at first, and then it ebbs and flows. It changes and you change and your spouse changes and life changes—but you honor that commitment. Your emotions will catch up with your commitment in time. The point is that you keep that commitment throughout your lifetime. Stay together for life.

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