Mr. Mike: Glory To God CD

by Bartek Makowski on Oct 24, 2018


From Harvest Kids’ own Mr. Mike: it’s a family-friendly kid’s worship album!!! Catchy, exciting, relevant, versatile and fun worship album that will bring kids and families into the presence of God. This music is packed with simple melodies, memorable choruses, and jammin’ guitars— all of which is based upon the truths of God’s word!

1. Glory to God 3:57

2. With You 3:57

3. Live Out Loud (for God) 3:47

4. We Will Worship You 3:48

5. The Roman Road 3:27

6. God Made Me, Me 4:17

7. 30 Days 3:21

8. Come On Everybody 3:40

9. Christ the Lord 5:10

10. Beauty 3:22

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