Lecrae: Gravity

by Bartek Makowski on Oct 24, 2018


Ascend as high as you humanly can…reach the highest of heights…touch the sky…take in the air up there. But there is something you know within. Maybe by mistake, you even get a glimpse of it. It is the earth below you. It’s reality. It is the unstoppable force that brings us all to our knees sooner or later. It’s gravity. We fight against it because we know its function is to bring us down. Balloons may be void of substance within, but at least they get to avoid the ground. The mountaintop view is all we want, because darkness pervades the valley. We don’t want to face our struggles; we want to forego the pain. That makes gravity the enemy. Or does it? On his Sixth studio album, Gravity, Lecrae tackles real life head on seeing its difficulties as proof of our frailties to lead us towards hope in the strength of God.

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