Discipleship: Start! To Follow

by Bartek Makowski on Oct 23, 2018


How to Be a Successful Follower of Jesus Christ

Anything short of discipleship is settling for less than what God really desires for us. When we fail to respond to His call, we fall short of His perfect will and miss out on living the Christian life as it truly was meant to be lived.

  • Is your life challenging? Exciting?
  • Does it have purpose and direction?
  • Or do you find yourself depressed, aimless, or even afraid?

If your Christian experience is dull, unfulfilling, or boring, then it’s time to seriously examine the statements of Jesus concerning discipleship. Today’s world needs more Christians who are full of joy and completely fearless.

The START! to Follow Book is geared to established believers and is an ideal primer for Christians who will serve at your Harvest America event.

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