Faithfully Serving

by Emily Luce on Aug 30, 2015

20150830_165558Meet Dustin and Stephanie Kelley. This happily married couple has faithfully served at the Harvest Crusades for the last five years. They work all three nights and in several areas. Dustin and Stephanie are both decision follow-up counselors. As Captains on the field, they make sure Bibles are passed out, that people have counselors to pray with them, and that all needs are met out on that field. They both love to pray with new believers and those who recommit their lives to Christ. “It is a great opportunity to tell them that this year they are here accepting Christ and now they can share Christ,” Dustin explained.

With such expression and a joyous smile, Stephanie talked about the privilege of praying with others—someone’s daughter, or sister, someone who has been prayed for and was invited here, and has now accepted the Lord.”

Both Dustin and Stephanie can also be found late after the event is over in the Card Sorting Room, where all the professions of faith are sorted and organized. “I love working with the other church representatives in here, getting everyone assigned to a church and letters ready to be mailed,” Stephanie said.

When asked what message they had for the blog readers tonight, Dustin replied, “You can’t fully understand Christianity until you are willing to be used by God. It’s easy to serve. The opportunities are out there. You can do something that really matters and makes a difference, and it can be simple. These opportunities have given me more love for my faith.”

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